Easter Bonnet Parade

Normal club training this Easter Sunday was replaced by a fun event where members were invited to bring along Easter Bonnets for their dogs and / or themselves. About a dozen dogs arrived with bonnets of all shapes and sizes some of which you can see in the parade line below.

Easter Bonnet Parade 2017
Easter Bonnet Parade 2017

Ernie (above) looked quiet happy with his rabbit ears nicely positioned as he waited to be judged. 

Also quietly waiting Monty (below left) and Sophie (below right)

This all gave our judge Brenda Bingham a difficult decision to make, after much deliberation the winner was Cleo.

 Cleo very coy hiding behind her hat while her handler Helen was presented with her prize by Mick Bingham our club Patron. We did manage to catch another photo of Cleo, see below.
The morning events continued with  sausage and spoon races and then relays with teams having to get their dogs in sits or downs at stages through the relay. To finish all twenty six dogs took part in an obedience  group exercise. The morning concluded with light refreshments available for the handlers, the dogs had theirs during the sausage and spoon races.

Thank you to everybody for taking part and well done to you all.