Last Sundays training before Christmas

Last Sunday, 16th December, was the last training session before Christmas and run to a different format.

First we reviewed the dogs that arrived for training in festive attire. Some shown with their handlers in the photo below.

As you can see below the puppies were very quick to get together to discuss their costumes.

We split into our usual training groups to work the dogs for just over half an hour followed by each group in turn giving a demonstration to the other groups to showcase their group’s training activities. Well done to the dogs and handlers for putting on a good show and thank you to the trainers. 

Once they were completed, we formed one big group to do some heal work routines ending the training by the handlers praising their dogs before tucking in to biscuits, brownies and heated sausage rolls for the handlers plus handmade Christmas dog biscuits for the dogs.

Reminder: We re-start training sessions on Sunday 6th January 2019.
There no training sessions on the 23rd and 30th December 2018.