Donations Update

Latest Donations Given Out Take The Total To
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One of the recent donations we have given out has been to Buttercups Goat Sanctuary near Maidstone. Our club Secretary Su Good can be seen in the photo handing over the cheque.

Buttercups is the only registered goat Charity in the United Kingdom whose sole aim is to provide relief to goats that have suffered or no longer have a home. Goats arrive at the Sanctuary from all over Kent, the bordering counties and London and Buttercups ensure that each animal receives the individual attention it deserves. Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats is now home to over 140 goats.

Other charities we have recently given donations to are: Last Chance Animal Rescue, Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary, Oldies Club, Happy Endings Rescue, Support Dogs, Protecting Preloved Border Collies and German Shepherd Rescue elite. 

These donations have taken the accumulative total for charitable donations given out by Stockbury Dog Club since 2004 to more than

As a club we have been giving out donations since the club started in 1993 originally to Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, these are not included in the £30k total. Rather than support a sole charity it was decided in 2004 to broaden our support and to consider other animal related charities based mainly in or around our region.

The giving of these charitable donations have been possible as all those involved with running the club are unpaid volunteers. Also the foresight and dedication of our founder and patron Mick Bingham who started the club in 1993 and has been at almost every Sunday morning training session since then. Twenty four years dedicated to providing dog training is remarkable but add to that the fact that Mick set the club up as not for profit so as to benefit others is an outstanding achievement.