Useful Links

The page links are listed below to help members find out about various topics..

Organisation Link
Blue Cross
Blue Cross provide various advice on animals. This link is for their advice on various aspects of pet dog health.
 Blue Cross pet dog health advice
Jan Fennell – Dog Listener
Jan Fennell has written books and runs courses on understanding dog pack behaviour and how that can be used in the way we train our dogs.
Jan Fennell
Kennel Club
The Kennel club administer the breed standards , dog registrations together with rules, regulations and advice on dog activities. Stockbury Dog Club is affiliated to Kennel Club including participation in the KC Good Citizen Scheme.
Kennel Club
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Their full name describes what they are about.
Swale Council (Dog micro chipping, fouling, control, lost and strays)
Swale Council Stray Dog (Facebook Page).