Training Session Format

All dogs who attend a training class dogs must be micro chipped and up to date with their inoculations, handlers to provide proof of inoculation if requested.

ALL dogs must be kept on lead while attending the venue except during training but only at the direction of the trainer. Aggressive dogs must be muzzled.

Training sessions are one hour long and start with a general assembly to enable notices and information to be announced.

The assembly then divides, with the exception of new prospective members*, into their designated groups each with a trainer.
(click here for more information on the groups)
Groups may be sub divided depending on number of dogs attending and availability of trainers.

Handlers with their dogs will be invited to move up to the next group when in the option of the trainers they have achieved the required criteria and space is available.

+Training is by positive reinforcement, NO harsh handling will be tolerated.
+ Handlers should ensure their dogs are exercised and had a chanced to relieve themselves before attending training.
+ It is recommended that dogs are not fed before training, tip bits as a training aid are encouraged but should be allowed for in the dogs overall diet.

*Any new members are required to fill in a registration form  discuss their dog’s current training status which must include any behaviour or medical problems.
We scan all dogs attending for the first time for the presence of a microchip.

Upon successful completion of the above, handler and their dog will then be assigned to one of the training groups.